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Kevin Barszcz

09 August 2018

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Leading the way for connectivity and distribution in the vacation rental industry, VacayHome Connect brings together billions of dollars of instantly bookable vacation rental inventory with millions of travelers globally.


In order to provide the best instant booking experience for their travelers, VacayHome Connect invested their time and resources in building to TripAdvisor’s Real Time Rates & Availability (RTR&A) and Reservation Export (ResX) APIs. This enabled them to automate almost every step of the traveler booking process, put them at 100% acceptance rate, increased their bookings by 103% and made it possible for them to onboard all of their vacation rental inventory onto TripAdvisor.


TripAdvisor, spoke with Matt Kill and Curt Rodriquez of VacayHome Connect to get the full story.



Steps to success:
How VacayHome Connect doubled their bookings



Getting over the Instant Book hurdle


VacayHome Connect has provided the foundation for their property managers to confidently enable Instant Book by building to both the Real Time Rates & Availability and Reservation Export APIs. But some property managers are still hesitant to enable Instant Book.


“The longer you give the guest to go and shop around, the more likely you are to lose them.”



Original Article: “VacayHome Connects Case Study,” published by TripAdvisor Rentals, can be found here:

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