Become a Premier Host on Vrbo

There are numerous ways to grow your vacation rental business. 

Many property managers aim to maximize exposure and revenue by adding more listing sites to their channel management strategy.
Multi-channel distribution is certainly an effective tactic, but so is earning “elite” status on the channels you’re already listed on. 

On Vrbo, that means becoming a
Premier Host.

How to become a Premier Host on Vrbo

Vrbo’s Premier Host program is invite-only

To become a Premier Host on Vrbo, you have to meet a specific set of requirements. Once you do, though, you can reap the benefits that come with being a standout participant on one of the industry’s top channels. 

What is a Premier Host?

Vrbo is a booming marketplace: it features more than two million listings available in nearly 200 countries. That means competition is fierce, but it also means there are many, many travelers shopping on Vrbo every minute of every day. So it’s important to stand out!

Premier Host on Vrbo is a free, invite-only program that helps you do just that. According to Vrbo, the program “recognizes owners and managers who consistently deliver great traveler experiences.” When you qualify, you automatically get bumped to Premier Host status.

How do you become a Premier Host?

To become a Premier Host on Vrbo, you have to meet eligibility criteria that are based on the combined performance of all listings in your account. Those are:

  • An average review rating of 4.3 or higher
  • A booking acceptance rate of 90% or higher
  • An owner-initiated cancellation rate of 5% or lower
  • At least three Vrbo reviews
  • Five bookings or 60 booked nights

What are the benefits of becoming a Premier Host?

Once you achieve Premier Host status, the included benefits will apply to all properties in your account. Again, your promotion to Premier Host happens automatically when you qualify, and the perks can certainly help your listings stand out from the competition:

  • Premier Host badge on your listings shows that you’re a top-tier Vrbo host.
  • Vrbo’s Premier Host filter places your listings among the site’s other top performers
  • Access to Vrbo’s Boost Program improves the search position of your listings.
  • Priority Support from Vrbo’s team gives you access to expedited 24/7 support.
How to become a premier host on Vrbo

Premier Host badging tells travelers you’re the real deal

How do you monitor your progress?

In your Vrbo dashboard under “Performance,” you can view your Premier Host scorecard, which tracks your progress toward becoming a Premier Host. You can also download a report from the scorecard to learn more about your overall performance, and you can use the report’s filter and sort functions to identify areas where you need to improve.


Quarterly Assessments

After you’ve become a Premier Host, Vrbo will review your status every quarter to determine if you still qualify for the program. Those quarterly assessments currently take place on February 1; May 1; August 1; and November 1. 

During those assessments, Vrbo reviews performance over the past 365 days and automatically removes accounts that no longer meet the Premier Host requirements. If you’re removed, don’t worry: you can be automatically added back into the program as soon as your account reaches the eligibility criteria again. To learn more about the legal terms of Vrbo’s Premier Host program,
click here.

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