Property Managers: Do These Pain Points Sound Familiar?

As a vacation rental property manager, you undoubtedly understand the necessity of two things:

  • Listing your vacation rental properties on the major OTAs (such as Vrbo and
  • Making sure those listings are visible—that they are front-and-center for the world to see

You also understand the complexities and difficulties that come with vacation rental distribution. 


Many times, the constant work required to maximize visibility and production on the top travel sites causes property managers to hit a wall. If you’ve ever hit that wall, well, trust us: you aren’t alone!


It’s more true today than it’s ever been in the past, especially because the current vacation rental staffing shortage is truly becoming a major detriment throughout the leisure and hospitality industry. Hiring, training, and retaining good employees is much more difficult now than it was prior to the pandemic. On the flip side of that, employees are quitting their jobs in record numbers. 


In fact, the quit rate in our industry has risen 6.6% in recent years—it’s the highest it’s ever been, and there aren’t any signs of improvement in the near future.



At VacayHome Connect, our team hears many of the same property management pain points over and over:

  • You (or your company) are located in a highly competitive, sparsely populated vacation destination and need more productivity
  • Your employees are retiring, quitting, frequently out sick, or finding employment elsewhere 
  • Your labor costs are being pushed higher and higher
  • You feel like you’re in a crunch having to hire, train, and retain a quality team
  • Your company suffers because it lacks the proper bandwidth, technical know-how, and resources

Do those pain points sound familiar? If so, let us reiterate: you aren’t alone! 


The vacation rental staffing shortage and the overall rise in employees quitting their jobs are just more evidence that the balance of power in the labor market has shifted toward workers. LW Hospitality Advisors CEO Daniel Lesser recently told Skift, “There are paradigm shifts that the world is going through and clearly the hotel sector as well. There are better opportunities out there for folks. That’s really what it boils down to.”


Vacation rental staffing shortage


Vacation rental staffing shortage



Vacation rental staffing shortage: What can Property Managers do?


With all that in mind, VacayHome Connect recently conducted a study that focused on the cost of deploying, maintaining and ensuring success at high levels on the major OTAs. Our research also took into consideration the multitude of variables property managers have to juggle, such as optimization scores, promotions, and algorithms on every travel site. 


The result? An absolute minimum of $430 per listing. 


It’s evident that vacation rental property managers in 2022 need to overcome more obstacles than ever before if they want to maintain a productive, profitable short-term rental business. 


That’s exactly why VacayHome Connect provides full-service vacation rental distribution solutions. With our Channel Manager Plus, our team of experts instantly becomes an extension of your team. We help you harness the power of every listing, so even if you’ve been affected by the recent wave of staff shortages, you’ll never fall behind—we’ve got you covered.



Our longstanding partnerships with all the top vacation rental channels and property management systems put us in a unique position to deliver results you simply can’t achieve elsewhere. Our platform also includes:

  • Corporate travel (Egencia)
  • Expedia Packages (550+ airlines, 175+ auto rentals, and 35,000+ activities)
  • Rewards/points programs (such as Amex Travel) and more than 35 million members that belong to Wells Fargo and MasterCard
  • Exclusive private channels featuring millions of loyal, motivated travelers who cannot be accessed anywhere else

The pain points for vacation rental property managers these days are endless, but your business—and your production—doesn’t have to suffer. Our Channel Manager Plus solution will help you overcome staff shortages, time crunches, ever-changing algorithms, and everything in between. Contact us today to learn more!


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