Eddie Carroll

30 January 2023

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Here’s Why Reservation Transparency is Important

Important guest details are often kept from property managers

When property managers receive a booking, they have a lot of questions to answer:

  • Who is my guest?
  • Can I contact my guest?
  • How did this booking come to me?
  • What are the financial details of the booking?
  • Does my guest have any special needs or requests?
  • Does my guest know who I am and how to contact me?

Vacation rental property managers and their guests should be able to communicate freely. Reservation transparency and access to guest details are very important pieces of the process, if for no other reason than to ensure guests have positive experiences. 


Unfortunately, answers to many of those important questions remain under lock and key: property managers generally have access to the date, the amount of the reservation, and the location of a booking—and that’s it.


Most vacation rental distribution platforms and channel managers keep property managers in the dark when it comes to reservation details. In fact, property managers aren’t even able to contact their guests by phone or email since that information isn’t typically shared. 


But at VacayHome Connect, we do things differently. 


Full reservation transparency is a big deal, which is exactly why we deliver it in all forms:


Reservation & Guest Transparency for property managers

VacayHome Connect provides full accounting transparency

1. Full Guest Transparency: We provide all guest information as soon as a booking is made so property managers can remarket guests and share pre-stay communication. If a guest interacts with our team prior to their arrival, property managers can easily access detailed notes about those interactions right on our platform.


2. Channel Transparency: VacayHome Connect not only shares the booking channel, but we also share when a booking comes from Amex Travel, Travelocity, Orbitz, or other channels so property managers know where their marketing efforts are making an impact.


3. Accounting Transparency: All accounting details are available on our platform, including nightly rates, cleaning fees, taxes, additional guest activity, and all other items tied to that specific guest.


4. Special Requirements/Requests: In our platform, property managers can easily see any special requests a guest might have (such as two cribs, late arrival, etc.) 



Reservation Transparency: Guest Interactions


Reservation & Guest Transparency for property managers

What *full* reservation transparency looks like

Guest interactions flow through VacayHome Connect’s 24/7 Contact CenterBased in the U.S., our Contact Center delivers around-the-clock, multilingual support while handling guest inquiries, reservation confirmations, review requests and replies, and more. 


Personal Reservations Team

Our Contact Center assists property managers with all potential bookings through whichever channels they’ve opted into. In that way, our specialists are like a backup reservations team: property managers can still handle their own reservations if they want, but our team is always available to ensure a smooth process for everyone. 


Emergency? We’re just a Phone Call Away

We provide property managers with a dedicated phone number that allows them to reach the VacayHome Connect Contact Center any hour of the day, any day of the week. That includes direct access via a dedicated line to our Tier 2 team in case of emergencies, such as fires, hurricanes, relocations, flight delays, and road closures.


Unmatched Versatility

The VacayHome Connect Contact Center fields questions and resolves issues promptly. Our specialists handle inquiries and reservation confirmations, provide directions and property-access information, investigate chargebacks, review requests and replies, and clear up a full spectrum of potential headaches, from timezone dilemmas to issues regarding pets.



Want to learn more about how reservation transparency can help your vacation rentals?


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