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14 Jul

Poor Guest Review? Here’s How to Respond

Even the best hosts tangle with a poor guest review from time to time.    Some poor reviews are easy to see coming due to issues during a guest’s stay; others, though, can totally catch you by surprise. Either way, the most important question is: How do you respond?    When you get a poor […]

13 Apr

Vacation Rental Industry News: Spring Roundup

Vacation rental industry news has been a rollercoaster ride for the past 12 months.   This time last year, travel news updates were focused on shutdowns and ever-evolving safety measures. Now, though, the cycle has a decidedly more encouraging demeanor. Check out a quick springtime roundup of vacation rental industry news below:    Expedia Expedia […]

25 Mar

Three Critical Takeaways from the Caribbean Travel Surge

As the world slowly but surely emerges from the pandemic, the travel industry has experienced promising gains in recent weeks and months.    Expedia Media Group Solutions—the advertising organization of Expedia Group—is playing a big role in the ongoing surge, and recently, they released details about three effective campaigns they’re running in the Caribbean. From […]

2 Mar

Vacation Rental Marketing: Two Key Demographics in 2021

Marketing your vacation rentals is more important than ever.    That is a fact.  But like any type of marketing, vacation rental marketing is more effective when you do your homework and target a precise audience. Placing your listings in front of as many travelers as possible is a good start; placing your listings in […]

10 Feb

Vacation Rental Decoration Tips

A successful vacation-rental business has a lot of moving parts. As a property manager, you’re most likely responsible for knowing quite a bit—from revenue management down to strategies to increase your bookings, the list never seems to end.   But look: you don’t need a degree in vacation rental interior design to make your properties […]

20 Jan

Why Marketing Your Vacation Rentals is More Important than Ever

In 2019, the Travel and Tourism sector was a dominant global force. It enjoyed 3.5% growth, and for the ninth consecutive year, it outpaced global economy growth by 2.5% according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). All told, Travel and Tourism contributed a whopping $8.9 trillion to the world’s GDP in 2019 and […]

11 Jan

Six Growing Travel Trends in 2021

Well, we made it.    It is officially 2021, which can only be good news. Right?    Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic flipped the travel industry upside-down. Navigating 2020 meant learning about what guests want during COVID-19 and tracking important travel trends in order to keep pace, such as the increasingly vital role of online travel […]

5 Jan

Conquer the Dreaded Production Plateau

At the end of the day, what matters most?    Production.   Your production is not just a full booking calendar, though that is certainly a big part of it. Your production is also not your reviews, or your content, or your listing placement—though, to be sure, that’s all a big part of it, too.  […]

16 Dec

No Property Management System? No Problem.

Managing an entire inventory of vacation rental properties can be difficult—especially if you do it manually.    That’s why many rental managers turn to Property Management Systems such as Escapia for support: PMS software is a popular way to keep operations streamlined.    Some rental managers, though, get caught in the middle: they’ve opted to […]

1 Dec

The Benefits of Naming Your Rental Properties

Branding is an important part of the vacation-rental industry. As a property manager, you should do your best to establish a sleek, consistent brand with your content on whichever travel sites you’re listed on. Great visual content is a huge piece of the branding puzzle, but other things like well-written copy, unique color schemes, and […]

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