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17 Nov

Important Travel Trends You Should Know About

The travel industry looks a lot different today than it did a year ago. And it will look a lot different a year from now than it does today.   Recent estimates from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) show the global economy will absorb a $5.5 trillion loss from the travel and tourism […]

29 Oct

Using Visual Content to Increase Bookings

While browsing vacation rentals online, travelers click on certain properties for the same reason they skip past others: visual content. Visual content builds trust. Research shows that within a 30-day shopping window, travelers flip through an average of more than 400 photos while browsing online. In fact, roughly 85% of travelers report photos as being […]

13 Oct

What Guests Want During COVID-19

Flexibility has always been a necessity in the short-term vacation rental industry.    In 2020, though, that’s been more true than ever as property managers and travelers have been forced to reevaluate what really matters.    Months of uncertainty at the beginning of the pandemic eventually gave way to stabilization; restrictions loosened in most parts […]

29 Sep

How Much Should You Earn from Your Vacation Rentals?

The income your vacation properties generate has a floor and a ceiling: how much money you should be making is a lot different than how much money you could be making    Really, the vacation-rental market is more competitive than ever, and the data necessary to determine the possibilities on that spectrum can be downright […]

14 Sep

A Quick Refresher on Multi-Channel Distribution

Though it can be an extremely complicated arena, the short-term rental industry really boils down to a pair of critical metrics: exposure and revenue.   Property managers can’t simply open their doors and expect bookings to flood their calendars. Rentals need to be listed on travel sites, of course, and those listings need to be […]

20 Aug

The Key to a Post-Quarantine Boom: Less Restrictive Cancellation Policies

With parts of the country opening up piece by piece, travelers are hitting the road in search of adventures outside their homes. But they’re not being reckless: safety, trust, and flexibility remain top priorities as families and friends try to navigate the still-uncertain landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic.   Property managers are of course in […]

14 Jul

Offer your vacation rental as part of an Expedia Travel Package

Over the past years Expedia has worked diligently to become the most well-known, most powerful marketing machine site for travel packages. They offer a full suite of bundle options (flight/accommodation, flight/car, hotel/car, and flight/accommodation/car). Their consistency of pricing, global coverage and ease of use makes Expedia the favorite site for package travelers.     Vacation […]

14 Jun

Tips & Best Practices: Perform Better on Airbnb

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews (both ways) – it is extremely important not to only receive and actively solicit reviews (i.e. at check-out, etc), but properties that provide traveler reviews receive higher rankings. Time is of the essence – the faster a property responds to guest questions, inquiries and booking requests the better it scores placement. Frequent […]

14 Mar

Use Virtual Tours in your vacation rental marketing toolkit to leave a stunning first impression

As the saying goes: you never have a second chance to make a great first impression. While photos can convey the look of your properties, virtual tours provide the guest an immersive experience of what it’s like to walk through your property. Virtual tours have been the standard in the real estate and traditional hospitality […]

14 Jan

VHC’s 2019 U.S. Vacation Rental Trends Report

View our Trends Report directly from vacation rental industry professionals that could help increase revenue and bookings in the year 2019 and beyond!

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