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How It Works

VacayHome Connect’s Channel Manager Plus service gives you complete control of your listings and makes you merchant of record. Our next-generation platform allows you to list your properties on every major online travel site and exclusive private channels, all while leveraging our preferred partner status.


When you sign up, we’ll honor your existing channel contracts or facilitate new ones before processing online bookings with you as the official merchant of record.


As the merchant of record, you control the flow of money and we earn a commission once you get paid.

Step 1:

Automatically Import Your Content

Our next-generation distribution platform connects directly to your current property management system. It automatically imports all of your content and data into our system with the click of a button, saving you countless hours of manual work. Our unmatched API integration also ensures your calendar and data are always in sync.

Step 2:

Automated 34-Point Quality Control Check

Next, our industry-leading technology runs a 34-point quality control check on each one of your properties. That, combined with in-depth analysis from our content and merchandising experts, enables us to maintain the industry’s highest content and quality scores.

Step 3:

Go Live on the Channels You Choose

Since VacayHome Connect is the leader in full-service vacation rental distribution, you’re able to instantly connect to hundreds of the top rental listing sites including Expedia,, Airbnb, Vrbo, and TripAdvisor—plus their entire affiliate networks. You can also opt into our exclusive private channels, which aren’t available anywhere else.


Once you’re up and running, we work with you step-by-step to create custom reports, activate promotions, and coordinate special offers on a channel-to-channel basis.

Step 4:

Start Receiving Bookings

When you partner with VacayHome Connect, our full-service team becomes an extension of your own team. We are here every hour of the day, every day of the week providing support, bolstering your business, and delivering unmatched results along the way.


You can also opt into VacayHome Connect’s 24/7 call center service, which is available to handle all pre-booking inquiries ranging about property access, directions, pets, and much more.

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