Content Scores: The Key to Your Production

Did You Know?

Listings with a 100% page score receive up to 18% more bookings. More importantly, online travel sites reward elite listings with better placement in search results—and roughly 75% of bookings go to the first 15 listings. 


VacayHome Connect prioritizes your content and delivers near-perfect scores across all the major channels. When your content is fully optimized, your listings will naturally rise in search results, leading to more exposure and increased production.

  • Next-Gen Distribution: Our industry-leading technology features a 34-point quality check, which meticulously reviews your content to achieve full optimization.
  • In-House Expertise: VacayHome Connect’s team of industry specialists ensures your listings are verified from multiple angles—our system and our people.
  • Beyond PMS: Our multi-faceted approach to content means we can fulfill channel requirements that are beyond the limits of property management systems.

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