The Power of Merchandising with Expedia

Merchandising tools are an established way for you to improve conversions and book more effectively. VacayHome Connect helps you utilize promotions and merchandising opportunities to secure long-term success, all while pushing your listings higher in search results, overcoming seasonality trends, and more. The best part? Merchandising tools are flexible, meaning we can apply them to just one of your properties or even all of them depending on your goals.


Before they book your properties, travelers have to see your listings. Roughly 75% of click traffic goes to the first 15 spots in search results, and 65% of those bookings go to properties in the first five slots. 

Our personalized promotional campaigns on Expedia not only increase your rank in search results, but they’re also customizable with blackout dates and can be targeted by country and region.



Your discounted rates are fully customizable according to your business needs. Expedia allows blackout dates, booking windows that target early or last-minute bookers, mobile users only, and much more.

  • Increase bookings and convert more efficiently
  • Build long-term value for future bookings
  • Capitalize on seasonality
  • Encourage longer lengths of stay



Campaigns pack mega marketing power. When you opt in, your property receives special placement in search results, email marketing, banner advertising, and an additional promotion filter.

  • Receive badge tagging on Expedia and affiliates
  • Take advantage of Expedia trends
  • Enjoy Expedia marketing boosts via emails and pay-per-click promotions



In recent years, Expedia has worked diligently to become the most powerful and well-known marketing site for travel packages. Expedia offers a full suite of bundle options, including flight/accommodation, flight/car, hotel/car, and flight/accommodation/car. Vacation rental managers who don’t capitalize on these powerful package products risk losing out on significant amounts of unrealized revenue. That’s especially true for properties located in destinations that rely on air transport and/or international travelers.


If you’d like to increase your production by offering special package rates, the Client Success Managers at VacayHome Connect will help you optimize your offerings on Expedia—and attract more vacation package travelers in the process.

Expedia Collect


Merchandising on Expedia through VacayHome Connect also means you can opt into Expedia Collect. As a participant, you have access to exclusive packages and bundles, as well as to the Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN). This premier network features thousands of partners and businesses around the world who procure inventory from Expedia and make it available to their members and guests.

Check out the campaigns and promotions currently available from Expedia as well as our other premier channel partners.


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