Multiple Payment Options


Our partnerships with leading process companies facilitate prompt and secure transactions, ensuring payments reach your bank account.


what is wex?

Wex grew from a small startup into an international leader in financial technology by simplifying complex payment situations. Its single-use virtual card numbers—which are now a globally accepted method of payment—facilitate prompt and secure financial transactions. Learn more about Wex.

What is stripe?

Stripe is used by millions of companies worldwide, including Amazon and Google. It provides businesses with a reliable, easy-to-use platform for collecting payments, sending payouts, and managing transactions. Learn more about Stripe.

is ACH?

Yes! This flexible payment option is a direct bank-to-bank transaction (ACH) between your company and VacayHome Connect.


Q: How do I start? (What is the process to get going?)

VacayHome Connect sends you virtual card numbers via Wex-facilitated emails. Wex adds those numbers to their merchant processor and automatically charges them for every booking. 


Stripe: VacayHome Connect sends you a link to create your Stripe online account, which you will use to connect to your bank account. Once your account is connected, you will have access to Stripe’s extranet in order to view and download transactions. 


Direct ACH: It’s a quick connection to your bank account; all you have to do is fill out a simple form. 



Q: When do I get paid?

Wex & Stripe:
At guest check-in


Direct ACH: Specified in contract terms with VacayHome Connect



Q: Who pays me?

Wex wires your funds directly into your bank account via your virtual card, which is one-time use per booking.


Stripe: Stripe wires your funds directly into your bank account.


Direct ACH: VacayHome Connect pays you directly.


Q: How am I guaranteed payment? 

Wex & Stripe:
Think of it like a trust, or an escrow account: Wex secures all funds and disburses them directly to you.


Direct ACH: Automate your accounts receivable (in your PMS)



Q: How much does it cost?

Processing fees are paid by supplier (Mastercard card about 2.5%)


Stripe: Nothing; VacayHome Connect pays a processing fee between 2.5 and 3%


Direct ACH: 3%



Q: Who pays for the processing fees?

Property managers


Stripe: VacayHome Connect


Direct ACH: VacayHome Connect



Q: Who is the merchant of record?

Wex, Stripe, & Direct ACH:
VacayHome Connect



Q: How are cancellations, refunds, and chargebacks handled?

Funds are debited onto your virtual credit card shortly (?) after. 


Stripe: Funds are reversed from your bank account.


Direct ACH: Funds will be awarded as a credit from your next payout.



Q: Who handles guest cancellations and refunds?

Wex, Stripe, & Direct ACH:
VacayHome Connect



Q: Is there a difference in payment time if certain channels are merchant of record? (i.e. Airbnb, Trip Advisor, etc.) 

Wex, Stripe, & Direct ACH:
Yes, when a channel is the merchant of record, payment occurs at guest check-out (not at check-in). 

VacayHome Connect