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What is a Private Channel?
A Private Channel is a large membership-driven company that offers travel services to its base members. Unlike traditional channels (such as Vrbo, Expedia, Airbnb, and, Private Channels are not open to the public and are usually only accessible via log-in. 


How can Private Channels impact your business?
VacayHome Connect gives you direct access to exclusive members-only networks that you cannot access anywhere else in the industry.


You’ll connect with millions of new and qualified travelers you can’t reach anywhere else, and your listings will never compete against each other. Give us a call at (847)-784-9990 or complete the form below to learn how you can be one of VacayHome Connect’s first property managers to list on our new private channel!

More About Our New Private Channel:

  • Very large market with extremely high demand

  • Private Channel travelers invest in multiple vacations per year

  • VacayHome Connect’s largest Private Channel partner ever

  • Loyal, active & family-oriented members

  • Not available anywhere else!

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