Private Channel: RCI

Connect Your Inventory to Millions of RCI Club Members


VacayHome Connect gives you exclusive access to members from RCI. These qualified and motivated travelers average $2,200 per transaction, and they cannot be reached through any other channels.


Once you connect to our next-generation platform, you will instantly reach millions of new travelers while also leveraging the benefits of our full-service team of experts. Simply give us a call at (847)-784-9990 or complete the form below to learn how you can be one of VacayHome Connect’s first property managers to list on this new private channel!

About RCI Travelers:

  • On average, RCI members book two months further in advance compared to traditional guests.
  • With RCI travelers, there is a 70% length-of-stay increase compared to traditional guests.
  • RCI members maintain a 5.5 average length-of-stay.
  • The average daily rate is 50% higher for RCI travelers compared to traditional guests.

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