As the leading full-service channel manager for vacation rentals, VacayHome Connect integrates seamlessly with top-producing distribution channels, including Expedia Partner Solutions and its Affiliate Network. Tax laws can vary by state, and property managers should be aware of how they may affect Expedia bookings.


Certain states have enacted local tax laws that require Expedia to collect and remit local taxes on behalf of hosts. Expedia calculates these taxes and collects them from guests at the time of booking and then remits them taxes to the applicable tax authority on the hosts’ behalf.


Currently, Expedia collects and remits taxes on behalf of the host in the following locations. Click through the following links to see either Expedia’s official statement or the one of the local tax authorities citing the requirement:

Location Taxes Collected, reported
and paid by Expedia
Arizona • State Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT)
• County Excise Tax
• Municipal Tax
• Other Excise taxes
Colorado • State sales tax
• State-administered county sales taxes
• State-administered city sales taxes
• State-administered local marketing district taxes
• State-administered county lodging taxes
Expedia Announcement
Connecticut • State Occupancy Tax Expedia Announcement
D.C. • District sales tax
Idaho • State sales tax
• State Travel and Convention tax
• Greater Boise Auditorium District tax (if applicable)
Expedia Announcement
Indiana • Sales and County Innkeeper Tax
Kentucky • Sales Tax Expedia Announcement
Maine • Sales Tax State of Maine Letter
Maryland • All Sales and Excise Taxes, NOT local taxes (county and
Massachusetts • Massachusetts Room Occupancy Excise Tax
• Local Option Excise Tax
• Cape Cod and Islands Water Protection Fund Excise Tax
• Convention Center Finance Fee
• Community Impact Fee
New Jersey • State Sales Tax
• State Hotel Occupancy Fee
• Meadowlands Regional Hotel Use Assessment (if applicable)
• City of Elizabeth Municipal Occupancy Tax (if applicable)
Expedia Announcement
New York City • State sales tax
• Local sales tax
• New York City $1.50 Jacob K. Javits Convention Center unit fee
• New York City $2.00 occupancy tax
• New York City 5.875% occupancy tax
Expedia Announcement
New York State • State and local sales tax Expedia Announcement
North Dakota • State sales tax
• Municipal sales tax
• State-administered city lodging tax
• State-administered city lodging and restaurant tax
Expedia Announcement
Oregon • Sales and Occupancy Tax. NOT TIT (Tourism Improvement Tax) in Portland
Pennsylvania • Chester County: hotel room tax
• Cumberland County: Cumberland County hotel room rental tax
• Montgomery County: Montgomery County hotel occupancy tax
• York County: York County hotel room excise tax
South Carolina • Sales and Occupancy Tax
Utah • State sales tax
• County sales tax
• Municipal sales tax
• State transient room tax
• County transient room tax
• Municipal transient room tax
• Tourism transient room tax
Expedia Announcement
Washington • State sales tax
• Local sales tax
• Special hotel/motel taxes
• Convention and trade center taxes
• Tourism promotion area charges
Expedia Announcement
Wisconsin • State sales tax
• County sales tax
• Baseball stadium district tax
• Local room tax

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