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Why you should distribute your listings to Expedia Group

Expedia Group is one of the world’s largest travel platforms, and its network features well-known sites such as Orbitz,, Travelocity, Hotwire, and Trivago among many others. Partnering with VacayHome Connect means your properties can seamlessly be featured on Expedia and its partner channels, placing your listings in front of millions of additional travelers instantly.


As a Streamline user, you can access those millions of Expedia travelers through VacayHome Connect’s Channel Manager Plus solution. When you do that, you’ll not only exponentially expand your audience and visibility, you’ll also gain access to some of the industry’s most effective tools for maximizing revenue, occupancy, and efficiency.


You’ll also gain access to rewards/points programs (such as Amex Travel) and more than 35 million members that belong to Wells Fargo and MasterCard in addition to Expedia Packages (550+ airlines, 175+ auto rentals, and 35,000+ activities).

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Important Expedia Tools:

1.) Packages

What are the benefits of Expedia Collect for Property Managers?

There are several advantages, including being part of the Expedia Affiliate Network, higher placement in search results, and cancellation rates that are less than 5%. But another huge advantage is your properties are eligible for packages. 

Vacation rentals are a natural fit for Expedia Collect packages and have the potential to drive quite a bit of incremental revenue to your properties on Expedia. It’s also how you gain access to programs like Chase Credit Card, Amex Travel, and Hawaiian Airlines. 


What are Expedia Collect Packages?

Essentially, they are bundled deals, such as hotel + flight. 

Does VacayHome Connect see a lot of bookings for packages?

Roughly one-third to half of our bookings are through packages and the Expedia Affiliate Network. They are very popular, and again, they are a natural fit for vacation rentals and property managers who want to bundle accommodations with other perks.

Aside from packages, what other Expedia Collect benefits can we highlight?

Expedia Collect also prevents payment failures, which is typically 20% of reservations that block inventory and lead to countless hours of manual work. What’s more, Expedia Collect cancellation rates are significantly lower—less than 5% which is fantastic!

2) Clustering

What is clustering?

Clustering is a strategy that allows you to combine multiple units under one listing. When you cluster, that one listing benefits from multiple-units availability, as well as reviews and conversion.


Where is clustering available?

It’s available on Expedia and

Are there any rules for clustering?

The two big rules are straightforward: clustered units must share the same physical address (such as a condo building) and they must have access to the same “property-level” amenities (such as a swimming pool). Outside of sharing the same address in a property or community, clustered units can be their own entities—room-level amenities, fees, cancellation policies, and other details can be different from one unit to the next, if necessary.


Who can participate in clustering?

Any property managers with units that share an address!


What are the benefits of clustering?

On average, there is a 40% booking increase for property managers who cluster. Even better, some properties have experienced up to a seven-fold increase in their production, proving that clustering is an extremely effective strategy when it’s utilized properly.

Also, consider this: only 20% of properties ever get a booking and guest review. But when you combine four listings into one, for example, that number instantly quadruples to 80% because there are actually four listings in one.


If you’re curious about Expedia Packages or clustering, reach out to VacayHome Connect to learn more. Our team of industry experts utilizes these and numerous other strategies to boost production, increase conversions, and save Property Managers loads of time. 

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