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19 May

Protected: How (Some) Channel Managers Steal Your Guests

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16 May

2023 Expedia Guide: How to Drive More Visibility & Bookings for Vacation Rentals (Part 4)

V. Managing Reviews & Boosting Ratings   Online reviews play an essential role in traveler booking decisions. On Expedia, they also play a role in determining your visibility in search results.    According to Expedia: 73% of travelers indicate reviews play a role in their decision-making process 72% are more likely to pay more for […]

10 May

2023 Expedia Guide: How to Drive More Visibility & Bookings for Vacation Rentals (Part 3)

IV. 7 Ways to Drive More Bookings on Expedia   Once you’ve whipped your listings into shape with everything you learned in part 2 of our 2023 Expedia Guide, it’s time to bring them to market. Here are seven ways to convert more travelers on Expedia.   1. Maintain a Dynamic Pricing Strategy Static seasonal […]

1 May

2023 Expedia Guide: How to Drive More Visibility & Bookings for Vacation Rentals (Part 2)

III. 5 Ways to Increase Visibility on Expedia   Welcome to part two of VacayHome Connect’s 2023 Expedia Guide!   With more than three million properties listed on Expedia travel sites, from hotels to private rentals, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. This section of our 2023 Expedia Guide covers five key ways […]

25 Apr

2023 Expedia Guide: How to Drive More Visibility & Bookings for Vacation Rentals (Part 1)

I. Expedia: Connecting You to a World of Travelers   Listing your vacation rental properties with Expedia can vastly expand your reach, driving higher visibility and more bookings not only on but on Expedia Group’s global network of brands and affiliates.    But navigating all the options on Expedia can be time-consuming and confusing. […]

19 Apr

What is Payments by

Over the past couple of years, vacation rental property managers and short-term rental travelers have made their priorities abundantly clear: Property managers are looking for secure revenue, reduced costs, and streamlined operations Travelers want to know exactly how much they’ll be charged, when they’ll be charged, and by whom has addressed the needs of […]

6 Feb

Vacation Rental Decoration Tips

How do I make my vacation rentals stand out?   That’s a recurring question across the short-term rental industry. And sometimes, the answer is pretty simple: decorate.   Property managers already have a lot on their plates, so decorating and tying themes together might seem superfluous.   But you don’t need a degree in vacation […]

30 Jan

Here’s Why Reservation Transparency is Important

When property managers receive a booking, they have a lot of questions to answer: Who is my guest? Can I contact my guest? How did this booking come to me? What are the financial details of the booking? Does my guest have any special needs or requests? Does my guest know who I am and […]

17 Jan

The Surprising Benefits of Naming Vacation Rental Properties

Branding is an important part of vacation rental distribution.   That means vacation rental property managers should do their best to establish a sleek, consistent brand with their content on whichever travel sites they’re listed on. Great visual content is a huge piece of the branding puzzle, but other things like well-written listing descriptions, unique […]

11 Jan

What is Clustering for Vacation Rentals?

Vacation rental property managers have many options when it comes to boosting production.   The number of different tools out there is actually a bit staggering, especially once you start breaking them down channel by channel. Optimized content, promotions and merchandising, advertising platforms such as Expedia TravelAds—it’s a lot to consider!   With so many […]

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