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Going Pro as a Vacation Property Manager

As part of our mission to empower all owners of vacation rental properties, VacayHome Connect is honored to support the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) and its esteemed affiliates.

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Industry-Leading Listing Distribution with Preferred Partners

In addition to partnering with the best online travel agencies and integrating with the top property management systems in the industry, VacayHome Connect supports the industry’s growth for all vacation rental property owners.

VRMA is the singular source for advocacy, insights, and resources to help the thriving industry become both lucrative and sustainable.

Read on to learn more about VRMA, and as always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in meeting our team at one of VRMA’s incredible events!

What is the Vacation Rental Management Association?

The Vacation Rental Management Association exists to advance professionally-managed vacation rentals as a safe, reliable option for consumers. VRMA provides education, information, networking, research, and advocacy to help the vacation rental industry strengthen their business and create enjoyable, memorable guest and homeowner experiences.

VRMA promotes the value of the vacation rental experience to the public and serves as the collective voice that drives industry growth and professionalism. In addition, they provide a valuable community for vacation rental professionals—with exclusive member benefits and opportunities.

How VRMA Supports

VRMA Advocacy strives to develop short-term rental regulations that preserve and benefit communities and vacation-goers throughout the United States and abroad. The Vacation Rental Management Association is dedicated to further developing professional and traditional vacation rentals as a safe and reliable option for consumers. They are committed to working with policymakers to develop fair and balanced regulations that benefit both communities and the vacation rental market.

Stay Ahead of the Trends with VRMA’s Arrival

Arrival is the official content source of VRMA, a dynamic intelligence hub for the vacation rental management community and vendor/partner community.


In addition to the print magazine, members of VRMA have access to the Arrival online content hub.

This desktop-and-mobile-friendly hub offers access to timely and relevant news related to trends, events, and activities for the vacation rental management community and vendor/partner community.