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Become a Premier Host on Vrbo

There are numerous ways to grow your vacation rental business.  Many property managers aim to maximize exposure and revenue by adding more listing sites to their channel management strategy. Multi-channel distribution is certainly an effective tactic, but so is earning “elite” status on the channels you’re already listed on.  On Vrbo, that means becoming a […]

Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips


Cleanliness is next to godliness, or so the saying goes. It also happens to be the mark of an excellent vacation rental host.    Research conducted in the last year has shown that roughly 9 in 10 travelers are making accommodation decisions based on cleaning protocols. Of course, that number is slightly inflated due to […]

Vacation Rental Industry News: Summer Roundup


As summer fades into the rearview mirror, the travel industry finds itself in a bit of a flux.    On the one hand, things are much better than they were this time last year: travel rebounded in a big way during Spring and Summer, and many of those positive travel trends appear primed to carry […]

Ask an Expert: What are Expedia Collect Packages?


Online travel agencies (OTAs) are their own galaxies. Each one has a unique collection of perks, nuances, and offerings, from promotions for property managers to specialized strategies (like clustering) and everything in between.    Keeping track of all those nuances can be a dizzying task—trust us, we get it. But not keeping track of them can […]

Who are Private Channel Travelers, and Why are They “Golden Guests”?


Not all travelers are the same.    That’s an obvious statement at face value, but when you stop to consider all of the Who? What? Where? When? and Why? variables, well, the equation gets a bit complicated.   These days, online travel agencies (OTAs) and all other travel websites are a critical part of that […]

What is Expedia TravelAds for Vacation Rentals?


The vacation-rental marketplace is extremely competitive. No doubt about that.   There are a number of tried-and-true strategies that lodging providers use to set their portfolios apart from the competition. Some utilize promotions for property managers, while others rely on superior content—especially photos and virtual tours—to stand out in the crowded space.    As an […]

Ask an Expert: How Do Property Managers Improve Vacation Rental Reviews?


Depending on the data you’re viewing, the number of travelers who read vacation rental reviews before booking a property is anywhere between 75% and 90%. No matter the exact number, the takeaway is simple: reviews are really, really, really important!    Reviews are one of the few universal must-haves across the hospitality industry. Online travel […]

What is a Workcation and How Can Vacation Rental Property Managers Capitalize?


The leisure and hospitality industry loves a good trend.   Every year, new trends emerge while old ones fade, but since the start of the pandemic, trends have taken on new importance. They’ve kept us informed on what travelers want during COVID-19, and critically, they’ve shed light on the industry’s direction from one season to […]