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Here’s Why Reservation Transparency is Important


When property managers receive a booking, they have a lot of questions to answer: Who is my guest? Can I contact my guest? How did this booking come to me? What are the financial details of the booking? Does my guest have any special needs or requests? Does my guest know who I am and […]

Vacation Rental Decoration Tips


How do I make my vacation rentals stand out?   That’s a recurring question across the short-term rental industry. And sometimes, the answer is pretty simple: decorate.   Property managers already have a lot on their plates, so decorating and tying themes together might seem superfluous.   But you don’t need a degree in vacation […]

Perform Better on Airbnb: Tips & Best Practices


Vacation Rental Property Managers: Do you want to perform better on Airbnb? Follow these tips & best practices! Reviews, Reviews, Reviews (both ways) – it is extremely important not to only receive and actively solicit reviews (i.e. at check-out, etc), but properties that provide traveler reviews receive higher rankings. (Learn how to handle poor guest […]

Virtual Tours for Vacation Rentals: Can They Help Your Listings?


As the saying goes: you never have a second chance to make a great first impression. While photos can convey the look of your properties, virtual tours provide the guest an immersive experience of what it’s like to walk through your property. Virtual tours have been the standard in the real estate and traditional hospitality […]

Become a Superhost on Airbnb

Becoming an elite partner on the channels you list on is one of the best ways to maximize your visibility and revenue.    The major travel websites give high-performing hosts and property managers opportunities to climb the ranks: if you meet or exceed certain criteria on a given channel, chances are, you’ll automatically get promoted […]